Cancer Insurance

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CANCER Insurance Policy
The phrase "you have cancer" is very short, but its enough to turn a person's entire life upside down. Cancer comes with all kinds of unplanned medical and other expenses that ordinary medical insurance may not cover. When it is offered, cancer insurance is a voluntary policy through ones employer's health insurance provider.

Some employers offer it to their employees as part of their health package. Typically, it is a supplemental policy, not a main policy, and part of a disease-specific insurance plan.

There's more than one type of cancer policy. Some pay in a lump sum at diagnosis and others pay out over time. Some are ongoing, while others terminate after a fixed period of time.

They can cover out-of-pocket treatment costs, travel to treatment facilities, or even home care. The major benefits are that it does cover the specific cancer-related costs that can be quite costly, even financially unbearable for most.

Anyone with a family history of cancer or at risk of cancer may want to consider inquiring their employer about this type of insurance. To be eligible, however, the person applying usually cannot have a personal history of cancer or currently have it.