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Important Flood Insurance Tips for Georgia Residents…

YOU live in a flood zone.
In fact, EVERYONE lives in a flood zone.

Most don't know that RISING WATER IS NOT COVERED IN YOUR HOME POLICY and Flooding is the #1 homeowners loss in the US. Flood Insurance payout is in the top three of ALL insurance claims payouts.

If you own a home you need flood insurance.

Rob Dunagan of Dunagan Insurance Group, is The Flood Doctor. As the only FEMA recognized, #1 Flood Agent of the Year, he provides the guaranteed best coverage and least expensive flood proposal possible.

Contact Rob Dunagan, The Flood Doctor, to get a flood evaluation which includes:

  1. FEMA Flood Quote
  2. Structural and policy recommendations to maximize long term flood benefits and protection.

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Flood Insurance Info

Much like other types of property insurance, this kind of insurance helps with rebuilding after the devastating effects of a natural disaster. Both owners and renters of houses, condominiums and businesses are eligible for this type of policy. If a flood occurs, families without this specialized insurance could be ruined financially after repairing their home and replacing their belongings. These policies are actually very popular across the nation. Some homes and businesses that have mortgages managed by federally regulated or insured lenders, especially in high-risk flood areas, are required to have one.

Policies come in many different sizes and options. Multiple conditions are factored into the scope of a policy, including how old the building is, its physical location and the local risk of a flood. Depending on the breadth of the plan and what it covers, the costs can vary in affordability. Policies typically cover at least the physical building, but sometimes insuring possessions is only available as an added option.

The benefits of a policy are immeasurable. Most policies fully cover the costs of the damage, which may total tens of thousands of dollars. Not only will having one give you peace of mind, but a policy will save you from intense emotional stress when a flood actually occurs.

Because the weather can change from sunshine to torrential downpour so quickly, the best time to purchase flood insurance is now.